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Considering adding the DisQus comment platform for comments in the Blog and News of the Weird sections.

Xoom Baby XoomBar

Guess I’m weird for saving this old graphic from the former clip-art and free webhosting site called Xoom, Xoom later merged with NBC (American network) internet division to become NBCi, then crashed and burned when the dot-coms went bust at the turn of the century.

This image was made when the average monitor resolution was 640×480. Originally called the XOOM Powerbar, was later just called the XoomBar.


Yep, made a new section for weird news from around the world that I happen to run into.  Click on “News From The Weird” on the menu. 🙂

Forum offline

Until further notice, the forum is offline due to spammers infesting it.  We’ll try a different solution in the future.