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Considering adding the DisQus comment platform for comments in the Blog and News of the Weird sections.


Yep, made a new section for weird news from around the world that I happen to run into.  Click on “News From The Weird” on the menu. 🙂

Forum offline

Until further notice, the forum is offline due to spammers infesting it.  We’ll try a different solution in the future.

About “KnM”

One of my ham radio friends asked why the name of this website.  Originally I ran a mboard called TN Talk (formerly KimsWeb Cell Block) and after all the drama, I decided to close TN Talk.

After the old mboard was shut down, a few forum members asked me to put a board back up.  So I picked up this domain, which was used for a web design company years before owned by someone else, and my board was back.  At the time it was known as Kim’s New Board plus the Inc and later shortened to simply as KnM Inc forum. The board ran for a couple of years until RL stuff took my time and retired it.


I finally got around and added a mboard, which is actually a plug-in for the WP software used on this site.  Not sure I’ll run with it or go with a stand-alone package like Xenforo or phpBB.